Bacon and egg sandwich on sourdough£5.50

Smashed avocado on sourdough toast
with poached eggs, mixed leaves and toasted seeds £10

Veg stack£10
Grilled polenta cake, roasted mushrooms, grilled tomato, smashed avocado & Halloumi with rocket leaves

Buttermilk pancakes£10
With crispy bacon, or Grilled Halloumi (V), caramelised banana, creme fraiche and maple syrup

S.G.M Big Breakfast£12.50
Scrambled eggs with black pudding, bacon, hash browns, roast tomatoes, grilled mushrooms served with sourdough toast

S.G.M Veggie breakfast£12.50
Scrambled eggs with Halloumi, hash browns, roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and avocado served with sourdough toast

Goldmine burger£11
Grilled Burger patty with emmental cheese and streaky bacon, salad garnish, pickles and fries

Sides £3

Grilled Halloumi

Roasted Mushrooms

Smashed Avocado

Hash Browns

Grilled Tomatoes

Crispy Bacon

Black Pudding

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