Well folks thats almost it for 2017! The last month and a bit has indeed rattled by and its been a very good one at the SGM cafe! The collaborations that took place between Phillip at http://m-wines.com/ with a tasting of his brilliant bottles along with delish pies from yours truly was a real hit- Phil has great knowledge of his wines and imparts that impeccably to people, and when the wines taste as good as they do anyway, its a winning combination. It was great putting on an event at the cafe with Phil and there is no doubt that we will plan more of these types of events in the coming months so stay tuned for news on that!

Another event that was a total success this month as well as being a full house was the adventure film presentation by Jon Beardmore http://bigoadventures.com/. I first heard Jon talking on Test Match Special, being interviewed by Aggers and Tuffers about his trip in central asia which included a cricket game in Aghanistan , hence the connection..anyhow, this was before the cafe was even built and it was only when much later i was thinking about what type of events would work in SGM that Jon’s name came into my head again. And after a bit of emailing and a phone call we put the night on at the end of November. 40 odd people from a very wide variety of backgrounds attended, drank some great wine from Mwines and with a charity auction that included some of Jons out of date rations from the trip(!), we managed to raise around £1000 for his charity which was fantastic!

And besides these one off events, the cafe has been seeing more locals discovering it which is great. Many people come in saying they have tried many times to find us and finally made it so i guess what needs to happen in the new year is better and more obvious signage- we like being a gold mine but we dont want to be too secret if you know what i mean!!

In the last week before we closed we had a note worthy pop up lunch delivered by friends Van and Ahn from Mikito-  @mikito.london  They created a special S.E asian inspired menu , delicious fried dumplings, a killer burmese pork curry and Vietnamese salad to go with. It really was great to have these interesting and tasty flavours being served in the cafe that till now had done mostly pies and scotch eggs. The customers really loved their food and we are planning to do more of their pop ups in the new year.

So im hoping 2018 will continue in the way 2017 has finished with lots of interesting things in the pipeline- i really cant wait to get stuck into bringing them your way. Im of to Andalucia for a week to gather my thoughts and rest up a bit but will come back raring to go hopefully! There is no ‘comments’ section on the blog yet but that is gonna come fairly soon and please do use it if theres anything you want to feedback on in any way..in the meantime you can just email or FB etc…

Happy xmas and new year y’all!!


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