Its been a whole year since the $£!% hit the fan big time..this week last year was particularly stressful as I geared up to do the gig at Trafalgar Sq in London for the St Patricks day parade..the organisers claimed it was on right up until the Friday when Sadiq Khan announced on the BBC news that it was cancelled. And so it began..

But today, i made another batch of Beef and guiness pies..and it gave me pause for thought and gratitude that im still able to do that at all. So far, SGM has weathered the covid storm pretty well. Thanks to all our many loyal and supportive customers who have got us through to this point- you guys all rock!

In the interim we have started doing a pop up stall just across the road from Clapham Common in a carpark..yeah i know, how hipster!

But its a great spot and we are hoping to be able to expand from doing the current Friday Pieday to maybe some weekend days and some evenings also during the this and other spaces for more info on that.

We are also doing our own sweet kiwi treats, baked in house by me and Zita… (mostly her to be fair!). We now make Lolly cake, Anzac Biscuits, Caramel slice, lammingtons and ginger crunch to name a few…all absolutely delicious!! These can all be ordered online for delivery or picked up in store.

We have also just started shipping UK wide. This has been on the cards for a while, but just taken a bit of organizing with the courier outfit. But so far so good, and i hope it brings a smile to the faces of a few homesick kiwis dotted around the country who can now get pies delivered!

And finally, we had a great Waitangi day at the cafe. There were so many faces who came down to get their pie fix, and to get a flagon of Yeastie Boys on us to help celebrate! It was a a great and happy day , of which i hope there are many more!


So in the meantime, i hope you can come down and hang out with us on the 17th of April when we re open the outdoor space. Ill pray to the London rain gods that we will be blessed with a banging summer this year..oh my gosh do we need it/deserve it!

Hope to see you all soon and Kia Kaha!