What a fabulous place New York is! It had been 23 years since my last visit, in which time the twin towers had been destroyed, the famous murder rate eradicated, the subway cleaned up and made efficient, CBGB’s turned into an estate agents or something like that and 3/4’s of the Ramones are no longer alive..in other words a lot of water under the bridge. Even in the dead of winter though, the city breaths life and energy, positive energy. People rush, there is hussle and bussle but also politeness and a general upbeat attitude. The bars and restaurants are humming and there are no shortage of either..

Katz deli is an iconic jewish spot , and trades on this reputation with prices that give you heart palpitations considering its just a Salt Beef sandwich at the end of the day…better to go 2 blocks back and stop of at the fantastic Biga restaurant for pizzas, individual or by the yard,,,all of which are amazing! The use a special pre fermented dough to make the crust and its run by cool Italians looking to make their mark in the Big Apple. Recommend !!
Also recommended is a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to Dumbo area. A mecca for Insta boys and babes to get that ‘Classic’ shot, there’s an array of waterfront shops and a walk up to Brooklyn heights or beyond yields more interesting places along the way.

We stopped off at a place id been meaning to check out for many a year called Dub Pies, on the corner of Prospect Park (probably a very dodgy area back in the good old bad days)

Its a classic small NZ style pie shop, pie warmer at the front and really good coffee to go with them. Its small..you got to squeeze in to get a seat, but on a cold day totally worth it..
From here its a short subway ride back towards the river to Williamsburg, the birthing pool of all the hipsters.. and you can see that straight away.. But they seem less annoying in their own environment- its THEIR place after all! Berooklyn Brewery has a hugh indoor tasting rooms and queues to match. But upstairs at an adjacent building is the 10th floor winter home of the famous Brooklyn flea market…

And very good it is too- a sprawling vintage fest with pretty great street food options and a decent bar serving Brooklyn beers ..natch..;)
its well worth a visit, and probably more so in summer when it moves outside and to a bigger spot out by the river.

In 4 days, you can barely scratch the surface of a city like New York, but its enough to realize you are in one of the great cities of the metropolitan world, the one that so many others took their cues from..
And you can certainly get inspiration for your next foody project, or even your current one!

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