The ham is done for another year, you’ve gone through 2 packs of extra strength anadin and antacid tablets and you dont want to see another family member for at least another year- yep thats right its 2020!! Im hopeful for the new year and what may come to pass at Secret Goldmine, we have just passed the 2 year mark in the cafe which seems pretty crazy, and now that ive had a good rest over the holiday period i can look back at a year that while it had its fair share of ups and downs, ended on a positive note with us beginning our participation on the Bermondsey Beer mile and continued our evolving Sundays with a Sunday Brunch session that continued to grow in popularity.

During the first half of the year we tried Sunday Roasts at the cafe, and they helped promote the fact that we intended to open both days of the weekend. During the summer I decided to put the roast on hold because of the hot weather and then when it came time to re open, i decided that a brunch menu would be simpler to execute and have wider appeal. The Sunday sessions have steadily grown in popularity and im hoping to increase the space in the cafe to accomodate more people this year. See the previous blog post to take a look at some of the menu options.

Whilst the cafe as running through the weekdays and weekend, we also found time to go out and serve up a swathe of pies and scotch eggs at markets and events around London. Not least during the (Ill Fated ;)..) World Cup that was shown to loads of Kiwis at Infernos in Clapham. We finished the year by selling out a truck load of Steak and cheese pies at the Kiwis in London Christmas party, that was a good way to finish the year!!

And we are also opening on Saturdays in the evening with our new friends the Yeastie Boys who brew the most excellent kiwi beers. we had the bulk of their range on tap for the month of December and watch this space for further events in Feb as it is NZ Beer month in London. We also have their range of cans to take home. Thanks to all who made it down in 2019, we enjoyed hosting you!

I Hope that 2020 is a great year for yourselves and Ourselves…and that we find a way to rise above the cloud of negative £$%t that unfortunately was part of UK life last year- onwards and upwards I say…(whilst eating a pie and drinking a beer in New Zealand!) Cheers and chur!

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