Well, its hard to encapsulate in text how much things have changed in the short period of time since my last blog post, which i might add was actually not that long ago in human time, or indeed Mike time (which is significantly longer than standard GMT etc..)

We are, all of us, most surely in a pickle of which, at the moment its rather difficult to see a quick exit. Its not for the first time for sure and, if you want to use a figurative description of the human race, we are the Houdini’s of our species, so write us off at your peril!

Then, in the spirit of long lasting things, that may happily exist long after we all may be gone…can i tell you about St John and Dollys pickles!

My knowledge of these sauces goes back to when i first started selling pies on Broadway Market in hackney every saturday and my 2 along neighbor who happened to be Chris, The Pickle Man! He turned up in his proudly battered (and supremely reliable) silver citroen every Saturday and set out his wares.

I was mostly focused on my own stall and selling, but we had an occasional chance to talk during the day, or at pack down at the end. I noticed a very loyal following that chris’s products had, people coming in all weathers to get their particular sauce…intriguing!!

Then one day, at packdown, Chris said ‘Well, good bye and you may not see me again’ in such a casual way that I couldn’t quite fathom if he was serious..We had a quick chat, he said he couldn’t produce in his kitchen any more and was moving to Ukraine..

Well, i offered the chance of using my stoves to continue his business. Im always sad when a great business has to stop, and especially for reasons that can relatively easily be addressed …and in time, he agreed!

And the rest, up till now, is history! I now know a lot more about his amazing products, personal history and his new life in Kyiv with his amazing wife Sveta who also is now a bit of a chilli queen..

These products are truly unique and as many of his customers will attest to, utterly addictive.

The business has massive potential and now i know Chris quite well, i’ll help in any way i can- apparently, including going on Dragons Den if it comes to it!!

You can order the sauces from his website which is www.thepickleman.co.uk, or if you want to meet the legend when he is in London making his sauces , maybe drop by the cafe and you might get lucky..once tried, never forgotten!

Toodle pip

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