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Paddys day Post

Its been a whole year since the $£!% hit the fan big time..this week last year was particularly stressful as I geared up to do

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A New Normal

2020 has provided quite the ride so far. Safe to say not many would have predicted the events that unfolded so quickly in Feb and

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Well, its hard to encapsulate in text how much things have changed in the short period of time since my last blog post, which i

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New York, New York

What a fabulous place New York is! It had been 23 years since my last visit, in which time the twin towers had been destroyed,

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New beginnings..

The ham is done for another year, you’ve gone through 2 packs of extra strength anadin and antacid tablets and you dont want to see

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Welcome to SGM!

Welcome to Secret Goldmine’s first blog post! Its been a fun, unpredictably challenging but ultimately rewarding journey to bring the coffee shop to life. More

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