Welcome to Secret Goldmine’s first blog post! Its been a fun, unpredictably challenging but ultimately rewarding journey to bring the coffee shop to life. More than 2 years ago when i moved The Pie Cart into Arch 19 there was only a vast hanger of space that needed to be filled with something.

The first priority was the bakery , getting that built and up and running was the initial focus of my attention but even whilst that was being built i was eying up the potential at the front of the arch for a coffee venture.It seemed like a great idea- we had the space and we were in an area with close proximity to new appartments with coffee loving locals who had to go on a long walk to the other side of Bermondsey to get their fix.

And also we made all our delicious pies, scotch eggs and sausage rolls in the house so i felt it could be very enticing to a customer to be able to sit in the cafe whist watching all the action taking place out the back!

Steve West designed and built the cafe over the middle half of 2016. The wooden beams took hours of hand sanding, as did the hand burnt timber for the counter and outer cladding. This all added to the rustic and homely feel of the coffee shop.

When finished, the only thing left was to choose a name…and this took much deliberation! We had lanterns, wood, beaten metal sheets on the walls- it had a certain look…like a mine! And so, Secret Goldmine was born.

I’ll try and keep the blog posts coming semi regularly as we are starting to have evening events and with lots more things planned, 2018 is going to be a golden year!


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