Well, somehow or another its managed to become February since i last posted..its incredible where the time goes even in a month as seemingly never ending as January ..i guess that comes with the territory when you run a business. Hardly a ‘classic’ month in anyone’s books, unless you are an Eskimo or happen to live Down Under, the things that get you through the grind (providing you are not on a crazy January detox, and i know lots are..) are the warming, hearty comforts of…in no particular order..cosy pubs with warming fires, delicious ales and tasty pies…Did i say Pies!! I believe i did say Pies…

Which leads me on to mention The Pie Cart..Big brother to SGM, or at least some familiar relation with an air of noble maturity to himself. None of this would have happened without the pies being made in the first place which goes back a little way now, even to 2009 the Pie Cart existed albeit in a very different form. From very humble surroundings ( My mate Mat’s flat kitchen ) I first knocked up a batch of rough puff pastry and then most likely ‘appropriated’ some beef stew off one of my flatmates to fill the pastry cases and bake off the first efforts for a promised Saturday spot on Broadway Market, at that stage a much simpler and almost hipster free local market. I remember taking around 40 pies to the first market and Louise the manager saying ‘Is that all you have got??’ I did notice that when i laid everything out the stall looked a little empty but luckily she managed to nab some random vegetables and spread them all over the place..I honestly thought no one would be at all interested but , heavens to Betsy, they were all sold out by lunch time!! (Must have been the veg)I really owe Louise a big thank you for giving me the chance to trade at that market and in fact , lots of people owe her for also giving them their starts…

Broadway Market, back in the day

And from that one market at some stage i began a Sunday one in Alexandra Palace, and then over time added some more to the weekends..and tried some festivals…and began making deliveries to some shops. Through doing the Pie Cart i made some great friends, met some truly inspiring people and generally had a whole bunch of fun. I can’t lie, there are moments when you get down be they weather related or any number of other catastrophes that can, do and did occur..but you always come out the other side somehow .


And the great thing is there is always some new adventures for the Pie Cart, this Jan I pitched up for the Australia Day and Waitangi Day celebrations at Lost Rivers, a new arch venue just off Leake St Tunnels underneath Waterloo station. And the Antipodean’s , of course smashed down the pies!! And we have loads more events coming up, brewery pop ups, beer festivals , food festivals and , of course serving the lunches at SGM. So the pies are part of our DNA, and if you come to the cafe you”ll be able to try them out!

We are doing another film and wine night with Jon and Phil on 21st Feb (Sold Out) . We will have another date lined up soon as to see his wicked adventure film…And another date to perhaps keep free will be April 21st..a long way yet but details on this event in the next post..

toodle pip!



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