And the beat goes on….


Hey Folks!!

I hope March is treating you reasonably and that Jack Frost hasn’t nibbled all you fingers and toes completely off yet! In London there are chinks of light beginning to appear, literally in fact as it seems to be light by about 6am now and gets dark after 6….6 x 6 there should be some day to mark this occasion, as there seems to be a day to name pretty much every type of happenstance…like , for example, British Pie Week…which is excellent! And an excellent excuse to tell people who may not have heard of Secret Goldmine that we sell in house the wares of including Steak and Cheese, Potato Top and plenty of other flavours to get you salivating.. and to mark the (Happenstance) occasion …we gave our lovely customers %50 off their entire meal, which aint such a bad thing to happen on a friday in March we reckon!! There were many hungry lunch hordes who descended during that week to celebrate great pies…

At the cafe with the lunch time menu , i’m trying to draw on some of the experiences i’ve had being a chef in a wide variety of places, restaurants, cafes and countries just to keep things different and interesting..Its nice to have a blank slate, a blackboard even, just to chalk up some dishes that are simple but tasty for lunch and will hopefully keep you coming back. We have have had  Boeuf Bourgoignone , Coq au Vin, Gumbo No 1, Thai Green curry, Chilli con Carne, Toulouse Cassoulet, Red fish Curry etc… all on the menu board in the last month or two ,so we are very much not just a pie shop!

One of my favourite places that I worked in London was the Great Eastern Dining Rooms which is (was) on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch. This was back in the year 2000 kids, hipsters wern’t invented yet and spice was something you put in a sauce, not smoked in a pipe. And back then, the GEDR was a Italian restaurant, and actually a pretty good one. We did foccaccia, pizza and lots of rustic regional food, polenta, pasta, ravioli and rotolo. Lots of nice meats with reduced chicken stock gravys and some fried sage leaves on top. Affogatto for pudding! All very nice, and accessible. Peasant food is what was the genre at the time and places like Moro took that theme and ran with it very well and continue to do so. I still like that simple approach to a meal and think that hopefully , in many circumstances less is more really is the truth. Its hard to believe how the London dining scene has evolved since those times- the Great Eastern went from rustic Italian to Asian , along with the sister restaurant E and O in Portabello, and then in most recent times its become Reds True Barbecue. Which i’m sure is great , but i can just remember so many epic nights at that place and happy customers too who were pretty bummed out when the style changed but thats the way the game goes..

The coffee style is still developing and we get (mostly) good praise for the coffee we serve. The Bells espresso blend from Mission is our in house bean and I really like it. Its round, full and punchy (make up your own pun, i’m too lazy…), and with those ace cinnamon rolls from delivered daily that always sell really quick, its an awesome start to the day! Im really keen to learn more of the coffee side and the chaps at  are going to help out with some more training. . and the great thing is that every time you go for coffee training, you pick up something different that you missed the time before and the coffee gets that little bit better…and thats the bit that we really can improve as the beans are roasted to perfection and our little Faema E61 Jubilee machine is an absolute star of a coffee maker.


And just to drop in a little ‘Save the date’ reminder, plans are afoot to follow up our fairly epic August bank holiday Yard Party with another in April to coincide with Record store day on the 21st of April. We are working out he details about who can play and how the day might unfold but rest assured it will encompass great tunes, food, beer and atmosphere..i cant wait for it to be honest!!